Thursday, March 15, 2012

Government Minister Drives Bluetooth rover from my book!

Yesterday (14 March 2012) Dr. Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills came to visit FabLab Manchester.

During the tour of the Lab, Dr. Cable had a look at the Bluetooth robot project from my book 'Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius'. The idea was for him to watch me laser-cut a chassis for it and then come back and see the finished project.

So, here we are while I try and remember which button I press to cut a new chasis for it using the laser cutter. 

Also in the picture are Haydn Insley (FabLab Manager) and Julie Madigan, CEO of The Manufacturing Institute.

Dr. Cable also had a go at driving the finished robot, using my phone as the Bluetooth remote.

Interestingly he confessed to being no stranger to Maplins (UK hobby electronics store) himself, buying electronic kits to make with his kids.

Apart from the fun of meeting someone famous, I found it revealing to see how things work for politicians. The visit was swift and fast-paced and I'm sure he left with a good impression of what FabLab is achieving and how it works. But at that kind of policy forming level, the view is from quite a high altitude.

I enjoyed meeting him and he seems like a quiet and thoughtful chap. Not something you can say about many politicians.

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