Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mystery solved

The Philips museum came up trumps:

the apparatus is an old radio receiver without loudspeaker.
Probably the type number is Philips 2501, Philips 2502, Philips 2514 or Philips 2515 produced in 1927/1928.

I asked if they wanted it for their collection, but they already have several.

Anyone interested in it as a restoration project,? Its yours for the cost of postage. It currently resides in York - England.


Stephen S said...

Hi Simon,
Have you still got the Philips radio ? I'm interested in it !!

Simon Monk said...

Last I heard, my brother still had it. I'll ask him. Si.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon, much appreciated !!

Simon Monk said...

Hi Stephen,

Apparently it went over to Holland in the end. Sorry.