Friday, January 31, 2014

BeagleBone Black Collars

Almost a year ago, I posted a blog entry on the Raspberry Leaf. A template to tell you which pins are which on the GPIO header. This was hugely popular and many people downloaded the PDF and printed their own leaves. Since then MonkMakes has been selling large numbers of ready-made and drilled leaves for the Pi.

I have just finished a book on the BeagleBone Black and of course suffered the same problem of working out which pin is which. Even worse on the BBB because it has so many GPIO pins.

So....... drum roll please ....... Enter the BeagleBone Collar!

These have self-adhesive strips on the sides and fit onto the edges of P8 and P9 like ears (another candidate name).

Here is the PDF.

But if you want a ready-made one with self-adhesive tabs, visit monkmakes.com

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