Friday, May 4, 2012

The Gadget Show Come to FabLab Mcr

The Gadget Show (channel 5) has just visited FabLab Manchester.

We helped presenter Jason Bradbury develop a Frizmarang, a kind of cross between a well known brand of flying disk and a boomerang. Designed to be flown at night, it has a 3W RGB LED in a centre 3D-printed plastic insert. The module cycles through the colour spectrum. I lent a hand, designing the light insert, using an ATTiny and a 3W RGB LED, the power source is a scavenged battery from a dead RC helicopter.

The boomerang was designed in Google Sketchup and CNC milled from plywood. For the full unveil, you will have to wait for the Gadget Show in about a months time.

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