Thursday, October 13, 2011

Android Open Conference 2011

Super conference.

As well as the day job aspect of it promoting Meme IDE http://www.memeide.com I also got to present on my favourite hobby topic of Arduino http://androidopen.com/android2011/public/schedule/detail/20972

The talk went well and I was surprised how many people knew about Arduino. I met several people who I had exchanged messages with and it was good to put some faces to conversations. Someone even got me to sign a copy of my book that they had brought. For a moment there I felt like a real author!

I was really impressed by Handbag (http://rancidbacon.com/p/android-arduino-handbag/). Its a great way to  solve the problem of the Android end of Open Accessory programming. I look forward to seeing how this project develops.

Well the conference is over now and I am taking the rest of the week-off to enjoy San Francisco - which isn't hard!

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