Monday, June 10, 2024

New Book on ESP32 and MicroPython

I've had several requests, over the years, from readers of my books for me to write a book on the ESP32. Yes, there is lots of information out there on the Internet, but it's nice to have everything in one place, and also tried and tested on a variety of ESP32 boards. So, somewhat late to the party, I've finally written one.

I've based the book on MicroPython using Thonny. Thonny helps a lot with the ESP32. Not only is it a nice simple Python editor for those new to coding, but it also integrates with the esptools software, making it easy to flash your ESP32 board with the MicroPython firmware, without having to use the command line.

One of the biggest challenges in writing a book about ESP32 is the shear number of different ESP32 boards available.

This book is two-thirds Python programming, which applies to and ESP32 board and one third electronics using solderless breadboard. When it comes the electronics side of things, I provide breadboard layouts for two of the most popular ESP32 boards, the ESP32 Lite and the DevKit 1.

The paperback version of the book is printed in monochrome to keep the costs down, but a color ebook version is also available.

The book is available on Amazon at these links.



In the future it will also be available from some of MonkMakes resellers and you can find details, here:


All the example code is available on github here. https://github.com/simonmonk/prog_esp32

The books webpage is here: https://simonmonk.org/esp32

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