Saturday, April 1, 2017

Introducing the MonkMakesDuino

Yet another Arduino clone, but his time a bit different in that is is designed with education and breadboard use as its main goal.

Its on KICKSTARTER now, so take a look if you are interested.
The main features are:
  • Breadboard friendly - clearly labelled pins
  • Arduino Uno compatible (Board Type: Arduino Uno in the Arduino IDE)
  • Low-cost simple design
  • Built in USB interface with high quality drivers available (CP2102)
  • Polyfuse over-current protection
  • 5V USB powered
  • Buffered 'L' LED on pin 13
You get the same pins as the Arduino Uno (more or less) but in a single line that fits over one edge of the breadboard, leaving the rest of the breadboard free for your project.

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