Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer

My book 'Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer' has just started shipping - at least at Amazon.com.

Its a short book, designed to get you started and then lead you into a few projects, to explore some of the features of this interesting platform.

Here are some details of the projects. More information as well as downloads can be found at the books official website.

Spy Camera
This project uses the camera module to capture images peri- odically and save them to the SD card. The LCD touchscreen is used to set the recording interval of between 5 and 60 seconds.

Snowflakes Game
This is a simple game in which you guide a tongue back and forth across the screen in order to catch snowflakes that are falling from the sky.
The project uses the display and joystick modules included in the Fez Starter Kit.

Web Messenger
The Gadgeteer with an Ethernet module can be put to work as a small web server. In this project, the web server constantly serves the contents of the Gadgeteer screen. You can draw sketches on the screen with your finger or a stylus and leave messages for the world to see.
Camera Backup Gadget
This project  is intended for the digital camera user who, while travelling, might feel insecure about having all his or her precious photo- graphs on just one SD card that could become damaged or lost. Instead of copying the files to a laptop, this gadget will copy everything on an SD card to a USB flash drive.

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